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Choosing the unlikely

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The problem with the Super Bowl ad is not that it exists as a pro-life sentiment. Choose life? Sure, I can get down with that. You want to have a kid, you choose to have one, perfect. Why not? And Focus on the Family pays 20-some odd million to get air time for you to talk about it? Outstanding. No reason not to. Being pro-choice rests on support of women making the decisions they feel are best, which is what she did. She made her decision after conferring with her doctors and loved ones, and I support her right to do so.

It's not like nobody's aware of what a lifer is and a thirty second spot isn't changing minds and even if it did, if the promise of a Heisman-winning son makes previously unsure women sure about having a child, excellent. Good on them. The problem is that choosing, having a free and available choice, isn't usually a choice in circumstances like the ones outlined by Tim Tebow's mother. Having a placental abruption can kill you, and you can't paint doctors that monitor pregnancies like hers as careless, heartless or cowardly for being concerned when pregnancies like hers come up. It's fantastic and truly a blessing (and I say this without a shadow of sarcasm,) that she was able to get through the pregnancy with a healthy boy at the end of it. This is wonderful, and good for them. That she lived is fantastic and beyond that she even has a healthy child. That's wonderful, because that isn't how it always goes.

The choice of life isn't always a choice in these circumstances and sometimes, women who choose life when her placenta has come loose so to speak from the uterine wall far too early die and their wanted and loved fetus dies with them. Her choosing life was helpful in his birth, but her health miraculously allowing for this child had a solid part of it too, because it doesn't always end that way.

So good on them. She was lucky and managed a relatively normal pregnancy under circumstances that should have resulted in a seriously premature child, her own going into shock, or the death of one or both of them. None of those things happened and good for them, that is a serious rarity in an already rare situation (placetal abruption,) and everyone's alive to discuss it. But the doctors who recommended an abortion in this situation, knowing she was in an underdeveloped country, knowing both of them could have died, knowing her age played a factor, knowing he could have had functional complications of his own, were not preying on a woman in distress or making a careless, lazy recommendation hoping they simply wouldn't have to deal with helping her through labor. They were making a distinction between choosing life and hoping for life, being lucky enough to get it, knowing that choosing life doesn't guarantee it.
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On February 1st, 2010 04:58 pm (UTC), what_if commented:
Well said. I wish I was reading it in an editorial in the NYT. I haven't followed the debate closerly, other to know it is going on, but I definitely hadn't heard that side of it and I feel like it should be part of the discussion.
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On February 1st, 2010 05:52 pm (UTC), montereybayjane replied:
I think a lot of people have gotten all pissy for stupid reasons. I think it's a little silly to get upset that someone is airing a lifer commercial/commentary even if you're complaining that a pro-choice similarity is expressly not allowed. I think it sucks, sure, but I don't think it matters because I don't think it's any network's responsibility to show both sides of an argument and further, even if it was, I don't think we should care that...really, care that someone gets thirty seconds in front of a ton of people to say they're happy they were born. I don't think this matters and if someone is making a battle of this, they're picking apart the wrong issue.

Who cares if he's pro-life? Let him be. Of course he's going to be pro-life, why would he ever choose to have an abortion or support one when he's also made it clear he's "saving [himself] for marriage" and everyone knows as soon as you're married you're ready to have kids? (Sorry for the snark! I'm back on track now,) Let him be pro-life, it doesn't matter. Nobody should care. The problem is touting that she chose life and now look at the success they've had when plenty of people in this scenario have chosen life and it doesn't mean it's what you get. Plenty of people choose life and die anyway, are not in the privileged position of it actually being a choice. If you choose life sometimes you have to hope incredible chance comes with it and I wish more people who can get on the happy, wide-eyed and hopeful Choose Life! train could be a little more aware of what life is as more than a choice and then everything "works out."
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