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This is the problem. As I'd mentioned, the problem is not that she…

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This is the problem.

As I'd mentioned, the problem is not that she made a decision after conferring with loved ones, praying and thoughtful reflection on the matter, leading her to a decision she was comfortable with and still is, to this day. Ideally, that is how every pregnancy ends; with a woman firm in her decision, feeling with full faith that she made the best decision possible for her situation.

The problem is the final proclamation:

When asked what a woman in this position, "your position" the interview says, what that woman should do, she states that woman should choose life and not kill her baby. So when a woman who already has children is faced with the possibility of death of not just herself but the child she is carrying, she should opt against abortion even if doing so could leave her dead and her children motherless, this is what she should do. No hint that a woman ought to think about what is best for her situation, no hint that a woman ought to consider what's best for the child she's carrying and certainly no hint at considering what is best for the children she has, a woman should, regardless of the circumstance, choose life. She can say this because it is what she's done. She admits she's made mistakes before, in parenting, and surely this means she is human and has made mistakes in other areas. In this area, ladies, we can be sure though: She knows this is the best option no matter who you are, regardless of the chance it may kill you and your child, it didn't kill her and it didn't kill her child and she's happy today so you will be too, and good for you. Good for you, and good luck. Besides, even if it does kill you, God will take care of your kids. (Not medicaid, just God.) Ms. Tebow says so, so...
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On February 15th, 2010 04:01 pm (UTC), tiropitakia commented:
it's bullshit.
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On February 16th, 2010 06:01 am (UTC), montereybayjane replied:
It is. It absolutely is. I can't imagine a video of homegirl Duggar saying "Yes, I had 18 children and at 42 I pushed out another and I think any woman in this situation should do this. Choose life." I can't imagine women in extreme circumstances can't have the scope of vision to tell that beyond my personal crusade on choosing for yourself, you cannot say other people should do what you did without any further comment when what you did was so risky and what you did not only could have killed you and your child (and, I'm sorry for repeating but it is almost deplorable: left your children motherless,) it is a risk that has killed many women before and your luck (also called the survivor bias) doesn't mean anything. It means you were lucky enough to live through your choice.

She really is the ideal circumstance without the physical danger. Ideally, this is how a pregnancy, any life choice, plays out. A person in a given situations confers with the sources closest to him, has some reflection on the matter and after choosing and carrying out the choice, feels it was the best possible and that's that. After that, to insist your option is perfect and for everyone is to be socially irresponsible, at best. How incredible that a woman without any medical background is so well equipped and sure of herself in giving this advice to anyone in the situation. Curious.
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