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Today, President Obama is to sign an executive order underscoring the…

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Today, President Obama is to sign an executive order underscoring the already-stated in the Hyde Amendment rule that the fed will not fund abortions. Stupak has said "This executive order has the full force and effect of law and makes very clear that current law of no public funding for abortion applies to the new health care reform legislation," which is, in my opinion, the most ridiculous piece of shit maybe ever.

He's admitting already knowing that there is current law forbidding federal funding for abortions. So if you already knew this, what the hell was the whole show being held up for with your complaints that you needed to personally amend the health care reform bill to ensure precisely such a thing! Surely, as a government official, you know that the fed cannot pass laws that directly fly in the face of other laws, surely you were already aware the Hyde Amendment existed and that federal law already held there is no funding for abortions through fed gov. Surely you knew this, and given this quote, apparently you did and yet you still held up the whole show to ensure the inclusion of an amendment you then backed away from! What is this?

I don't care about the federal funding, that's fine. That's how it's always been in all of my lifetime, I don't know any different and haven't lived any different, I couldn't possibly care less about the executive order, I'm just tired of the scare tactic news reports about "OMG we have to debate federal funding because we might all pay for abortions in just a minute if we don't get this out!!!" when there's already law in place prohibiting such a thing. Stop it.

I'm tired of the gov't going back over and legally repeating itself, bills, amendments, executive orders, just repeating bills, amendments, executive orders that already say the same thing and then lifers Still aren't happy.
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