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I'm tired of being around men with no style. A style of any kind is…

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I'm tired of being around men with no style. A style of any kind is still style, but having something you do, a theme in your wardrobe or look is so awfully sexy and I'm tired of lazy men not having one. Keep an eye out, be willing to spend $50 and learn a couple things.

You ought to own a white, button-down Oxford shirt. You need to know how to dance one proper dance with a woman, lady or otherwise, make a proper martini, and tie an honest-to-god, big boys wear it with a tux black bow tie. Wire rimmed aviators are classic, oxford shirts are classic, a jacket you chose because it looks good with something you wear regularly, not the rack you got it off, is a great place to start. Style isn't your money, it's taking an objective eye to what's on you. Have a couple nice things and wear them around, around the house, out somewhere that isn't a funeral and get to be comfortable in them so you're not bumbling around acting like you didn't have a father when you do wear them to something requiring them. Just a thought.
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On March 29th, 2010 04:47 am (UTC), what_if commented:
Sounds like somestate needs to visit a Polo store, stat.
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