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Monterey · Bay · Jane

today is fantastic

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Today was perfect. I got to do our LNO: the oral edition today, which was a huge success last year and was the same this time. One of my employees is letting me borrow her TV and its so stupid that that's been a morale boost but the silence in this apartment was killing me.


Caught up on the walking dead which only lead to tears but it was the perfect end to the day. Today its the first day in maybe three months where it hasn't felt like I was going Through something. I felt like I had wins under my belt. Its between a good night. Hasn't felt like i'm a victim of something, I'm not dodging any bullets. The locks are changed. I slept safely for the first tine last night and tonight hasn't just been me and my thoughts in an empty apartment. It's good. I laughed out loud alone for the first time in seriously five months.  I'm so much better today than ever in the last five months. It's good.

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